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Nairafinex is the fastest, cheapest and simplest way to buy or sell Bitcoin in Nigeria with full built-in security to protect buyers and sellers. We exchange between Naira and Bitcoin. We process up to N2,000 worth of Bitcoin - the lowest you can ever find. Refer Customers to us and make money via our affiliate program.
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NairaFinex Bitcoin Price Index

We Buy 1 BTC
3,391,700 NGN
We Sell 1 BTC
3,738,900 NGN
1 BTC to USD
9,658.97 USD
We Buy 1 USD BTC
351 NGN
We Sell 1 USD BTC
387 NGN
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How To Sell Bitcoin
Create a Sell Order
Create a sell order. You will be assigned a wallet address and asked to provide your bank account
Fund the Wallet Address
Send Bitcoin to the wallet address assigned to you
Receive Naira in your bank
Our system verifies that you have funded the wallet address. The equivalent cash is sent to your bank account
How To Buy Bitcoin
Create a Buy Order
Create a buy order. You will be given a bank account and asked to provide your wallet address
Fund the Bank Account
Send cash to the bank account sent to you
Receive Bitcoin in your wallet
Our system verifies that you have funded the bank account. The equivalent Bitcoin is sent to your wallet address
Benefits of our Platform
Registered Business
Nairafinex is owned by Masterweb Solutions, registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria with a physical presence in the form of an office.
Fast and Secure
We have built-in security to make sure your dealings are safe from scammers. We also provide fast transactions.
Cheapest Rates Available
We provide the cheapest rate available. We also accept the lowest amount possible, up to N2,000 worth of Bitcoin.