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We respect your privacy and would never share any personal identifiable information except the ones you chose to share while using the medium to express yourself such as testimonies. Your email and phone are private to you and will never be shared with anyone.

Cookies are needed to remember your login details and to provide better services. We save cookies and to make it clear, cookies are safe.

We implement SSL technology during data transmission between your device and our server. Hence, the information are encrypted and you should feel safe while using our service.

Trading in the foreign exchange market and using leverage involve considerable risks and may cause a partial or complete loss of funds. Make sure you possess sufficient skills and experience for this activity and are aware of possible risks. If you have no trading skills, just exchange your funds and withdraw.

The next two paragraphs also explains why you need to keep your valuables in your bank account, and use our services only as a medium of exchange.

Bitcoins depend on the Distributed Bitcoin network, and other cryptocurrencies depend on their specific networks too. Failure of these networks or "secure storage" where these values are kept, as a result of hack, technical failure or other Acts of God, would mean loss of value to individual owners of the value, and we are not to be held responsible. To minise loss in such occasions, only keep a value you can afford to lose as cryptocurrency and withdraw the equivalent in FIAT currency into your bank account.

We are not to be held responsible for failure of third party services such as web-hosting provider and bank that keep our values in the event of any unforseen disaster.

If you have any concerns about this, please connect to us by using the support or use our contact page.

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