How to withdraw from a crowdfunded platform or Networking group

Please do not use our wallet or our service to withdraw funds from a crowdfunded platform, Ponzi scheme, a networking group or even a Forex exchange platform. We are not part of any such service. We will process your request if we do receive your withdrawal but cannot be held if they claim to have sent funds to you but we do not receive it.

Feel free to withdraw from crypto exchange websites and apps and crypto wallets that are genuine.

To withdraw from platforms that we do not allow, kindly download Trust wallet, Metamask or Blockchain wallet, depending on the coin you are withdrawing. Give them your address so that you are sure you receive the funds in your very own wallet.

You can proceed to sell funds in your own wallet to us by placing a sell order from

Every transaction in a Blockchain must have a unique transaction ID which should usually reflect in your proof of payment.

Page published 2 Months ago · 21 September 2021 07:15
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