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Reduced Network Gas fees and Minimum order update

Initially, our minimum orders used to be 10usd worth of crypto. This was easy on buyers while Naira rate was at N250 around 2016. Fast-forward to 2023, rates have climbed and even touched almost N800. This minimum is no longer sustainable for buyers, especially those who only need to pay network gas fee.

An update made on 6th March 2023 has ensured customers buying BNB smartchain, TRX and many other coins can now order for coins as low as 0.5 USD. Some coins like ETH and several ERC20 tokens may still have a higher limit for the minimum allowed due to some network restrictions. But the good news is that majority of coins on Nairafinex.com can now be purchased with less than N1000.

To find out the minimum allowed for any coin you wish to buy, kindly click on the name of the coin from the homepage, click the buy button and then click and select the network you wish to use. The minimum allowed will be printed for you per token.

For those selling, we can now buy your coins worth 3USD or above. The minimum used to be 10usd, but now 3usd. Kindly ensure to follow all rules while selling to avoid loss of token.

Terms and conditions apply while trading. Kindly ensure to read all terms

Page published 2 Months ago · 6 March 2023 11:47
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