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How to SWAP your coins

There are a lot of decentralized exchanges (dex) like Pancakeswap, Sushiswap, Uniswap, Apeswap, Shibswap etc. out there. These require little lessons which are all over the web to use. To use them, you need to have a coin in the protocol they support, such as ETH, BNB smartchain etc. And there are also fees charged by liquidity providers before you can make the swap.

You can use any of those exchanges to swap, or key into our swapping feature which has a 0.5% fee, and is also not immune to market volatility. To use our SWAP, you will already have a coin you wish to sell in your wallet.

Please note that this feature is not for selling your coins to get NAIRA. Use sell instead for this. If you wish to buy a coin with Naira, use Buy instead. SWAPPING is for moving from one crypto to another.

  • Click on Home and click on the coin you wish to Swap.
  • Click on Swap
  • Select the network of the coin you have. 
  • Enter the quantity you wish to swap
  • Select the coin you need and the network you can use to receive it. 
  • Enter your wallet address and any memo or tag required.
  • All fees are shown, alongside how much you will receive if you swap. Accept the Swap and you will be shown an address to send your coin to. 
  • Once you send the coin and upload proof, your order will be locked and the equivalent sent to your wallet address, to complete the process.

Please download TRUST WALLET if you do not own a wallet yet. For any coin you cannot swap using our exchange, please use any of the DEX already listed above.

To use these DEXes

  • Click on the Dapps tab in TRUST Wallet.
  • Scroll to Defi and locate Pancakeswap. You can also type the web address on the browser inside Trust Wallet. The address for pancake is https://exchange.pancake.finance 
  • Click on Connect to connect the Pancake to your Trust Wallet.
  • Note that you have to select Smartchain if you have BEP20 based tokens. Select Ethereum if you have ERC20 based tokens. You can use the swap feature easily, as the user interface is quite easy to learn.
  • Remember to keep some BNB smartchain or Ethereum ERC20 for gas fees during your swapping.

If you prefer to use a CEx (Centralized exchange) to swap instead, you can try any that you are comfortable with. Ensure that any CEX used must show proof of reserve 

Page published 1 Year ago · 16 May 2021 13:48
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